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Ryan Kipp

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Message 8445 - Posted: 19 Jun 2009, 23:28:59 UTC

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much a monthly power bill would increase from running a boinc project 24/7 each month?

750 Watt Power Supply
Core i7 920 @3.4 ghz(stock cooling)
2x GTX 260s w/ sli
Foxconn Renaissance Mother Board
2 Case Fans

A rough estimate would be great. Someone else pays my power bill and I'd hate to be a burden. I've been running cosmology@home for 2 months though, so I suppose it can't be that significant of a change. Thanks!
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Message 8446 - Posted: 20 Jun 2009, 0:45:16 UTC - in response to Message 8445.  

There are devices that you can plug into your wall outlet then to your electrical devices of which you want to monitor. Then program in your electric rates and not only will it tell you how much power your usings per hour but how much $$ per hour your device(s) are using.

Link of an example:
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Forums : General Topics : Power Consumption