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Message 20597 - Posted: 17 Nov 2015, 17:30:56 UTC
Last modified: 17 Nov 2015, 17:34:43 UTC

Hi everyone, I just got done attending a two day conference about Docker, which is the software that powers the new camb_boinc2docker jobs. Had a really good time and learned a bunch of stuff that might benefit Cosmology@Home in the future!

I also had the great opportunity to give a talk about Cosmology@Home, you guys can see slides on my website. The talk was filmed and I'll definitely post the video as soon as its up, I think many of you might find it a useful description of the science that we're doing here. And here's some tweets about it if curious.

Also very cool (and unexpected to me!), during his keynote, the CEO of Docker picked Cosmology@Home to show in front of the several thousand attendees as an example of the kind of of cool things that people can build using their software.

Anyway, just a heads up, once I have videos I'll post it as news with the links.
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Forums : Announcements : C@H at Dockercon (preview)