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Message 22679 - Posted: 8 Nov 2020, 17:12:40 UTC

I set my BOINC projects to only transfer files at night due to my very slow DSL connection. One one machine set this way, if I have the network set to follow preferences, so that it is disabled due to the hour of the day, all work stops, and sometimes I get fail errors. I have several boxes setup this way with cosmology that behave fine, the network is suspended due to hour of day but work continues, all cpu cores process the queued work and it is all transferred late at night as they should.

The problem box is running Debian 10 Buster on a 6 core intel cpu. I have
one other box with older Deb. 9 that doesn't do this. Maybe it's an issue
with 'Buster'? I noted before I had trouble with Buster going into sleep mode when it was not set to do so but I seem to have fixed that issue by
basically disabling all sleep functions with the OS. To be clear - I'm setting the network preferences in the BOINC options for computing preferences.
CPUs are set as active all the time - no daily schedule - running 24/7.
Obviously, I have enough queued work to keep the machines busy when the net is down.

Not sure what I'm missing - all the rest of my boxes work fine with the net disabled until late night with this project.

Maybe someone has encountered something like this before. I couldn't turn up much with a search so I posted this. TIA to all.
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Message 22680 - Posted: 9 Nov 2020, 23:12:15 UTC - in response to Message 22679.  

It looks like camb_legacy doesn't work on computer 431307. Look at the error logs on the returned tasks. camb_boinc2docker looks to be running normally.
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Forums : Technical Support : work stops when network is disabled